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Jeezy Makes a PSA

The Real is Back.. again


Lupe Fiasco | CBS News Online Interview

Lupe sits down with CBS News Online to discuss L.A.S.E.R.S, his fans creating the petition, politics and more. I don’t completely agree with what Mr. Jaco said, but I definitely see where he’s coming from.

“the biggest terrorist is Obama in the United Stated..”

Malice of the Clipse: The Big Picture

Since Malice got robbed at gun point in The Beach (VA beach for all those who aren’t hip), his life has gone through some drastic changes. He recently released a book entitled, Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind and Naked, in which he tells the story of his encounter and how it has changed his life. Now Malice talks changing his name and subject matter of his raps and also talks about the coke rap that he and his brother became famous for.

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Kevin Love x Maestro Knows

UCLA grad turned Minnosota Timberwolf, Kevin love, catches up with Maestro on the last game of the regular season. Diddy and BJ the Chicago Kid make appearances too. And maybe Maestro will finally make the dunk that he’s been trying to do for so long.

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Curren$y, Fiend And Trademark On DC Rooftop Lightin’ Up + Freestyle! Video

Spitta might be the funniest dude in the game. Haha

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Krit on F.O.K.U.S Radio w/ Teddy Ruck-Spin

Krit stops by F.O.K.U.S and talks R4 and production influences, amongst other things.

Previously from Krit: Return of 4eva

Tyler the Creator Interview with The Drone

This is by far Tyler’s best interview that I’ve seen and by seeing this interview, I respect his mental a lot more than I did before. And I will actually listen to the story now, rather than just writing him off somebody who wants to be a serial killer but doesn’t have the cojones to pull triggers.